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Supercharge your students' study by 3x
The Free Teacher Masterclass
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In this video masterclass I will tell you the 5 highest impact study secrets I know, that will get your students...

Higher grades,

with less wasted effort

by using evidence based study methods

I have distilled these down from my learnings from:

  • Growing a 45k school student Tik Tok following

  • Being a classroom science teacher

  • Being an evidence based study coach


  • How to avoid illusory learning

  • Why students can't stick to their study timetable 

  • Why quizlet is destroying studentslearning

  • Why students keep blanking in exams

  • How to recap like a pro

Use this as:

  • A teaching resource 

  • Share with students directly to help them study more effectively

  • Share with parents to help them support their child to study

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