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Confused how to sell yourself to top universities?

Don't worry. That's why we made this

Personal Statement Masterclass

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Personal Statements are not only incredibly important in getting into University, but they are also incredibly hard to get right and stand out from the crowd. What makes it even harder is everyone seems to have a different opinion on what makes a great one! Hence the creation of this masterclass. You will learn:

100% Money Back

Research based knowledge of how to stand out

The tried and tested structure to sell yourself

Common red flags that put off universities

How to do extracurriculars universities want to see


The benefits you'll receive:

Knowledge from ex teacher / careers influencer

Best practice examples that got into top universities

Guidance on where to start researching your subject area


Research based structure / technique you to sell yourself

Actionable steps to apply live to your personal statement 

How to get killer extracurriculars that universities are looking for



"Before this course, I felt really overwhelmed... now I have an offer at my first choice uni!"

Jay, Year 12 Student

100% Money Back

I'm confident you'll be thrilled with the course. But to ensure you're as confident as I am are, this course comes with a 100% money back guarantee

Personal Statement Masterclass

Personal Statement Masterclass

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  • Is online Tutoring right for you and your child?
    In short, likely yes! Online tutoring allows us to provide the very best teachers to your living room, not just those who happen to live close to you. Furthermore many parents are drawn to the flexibility, innovation, and ease of access. We at Beyond the Blackboard Tutors use the latest software in online teacher for an engaging learning experience.
  • Why do we only provide qualified teachers as tutors?
    You wouldn't want your child's English teacher to be unqualified. So why would you want your tutor to be? We believe the best way to ensure a quality tutor is having a PGCE teaching qualification, backed up with real life classroom experience and a proven track record of results.
  • Do I pay more to fund the charitable contribution?
    No. We charge the going rate for top quality tutoring and take the charitable donation from our profit margins. Our tutors are also paid fairly at the top end of the industry standard.


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