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2.5 million children

in the UK are at risk of being

too hungry to learn

But together we can change this. That's why we've partnered with the amazing charity Magic Breakfast to provide 5 free school breakfasts for every hour of tutoring you receive.

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Free school breakfasts improve learning, behaviour and attendence

Rising fuel and gas prices are making things worse


For the first time in 10 years, learning inequality in primary schools is getting bigger

At Beyond the Blackboard Tutors we believe that giving your child every advantage can mean helping children who are disadvantaged. And one of the most impactful ways to do this is to tackle one of the biggest blockers to a child’s learning... hunger.


But many disadvantaged children can't afford even 20p a day for a nutritious breakfast. Especially with inflation and increased gas and fuel prices. 

We've all skipped breakfast and have that feeling of hunger by 11.30am. Imagine that, but being a child and trying to learn on an empty stomach. As you can imagine learning outcomes, behaviour and attendance are all significantly effected by sustained hunger.

Together we can help feed children that need it to learn

When you choose to tutor with us, you're choosing to support disadvantaged students. So you can feel secure that your child's learning is in safe hands, as well as someone else's.

For more information on our amazing partners Magic Breakfast please see their website here.


1 hour

of tutoring with us, provides

5 free school breakfasts 

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