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1 hour

of tutoring with us, provides

5 free school meals 

We’ve partnered with the amazing charity Magic Breakfast to develop a love of reading in disadvantaged children. Here’s why...


Providing a nutritious breakfast can boost reading / writing by 2 months per year


2.5 million children are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn


With increasing energy prices free school meals are becoming even harder to provide for schools

We've partnered with...

Screenshot 2022-06-26 at 12.47_edited.jpg

to provide 5 free school meals per hour of tutoring you receive through us


Many students in the UK are still too hungry to learn

Let’s close the educational opportunity gap #TooHungryToLearn

Hunger hurts learning and leaves children unable to achieve their potential.

For the first time in over a decade, the learning gap for Primary School students is widening. And with the cost of energy and food rising, now more than ever we need to level the playing field for every child. 


With the rising cost of living pushing more families into poverty, the scandal of child hunger is on the rise. 2.5 million children are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn. Too many students from disadvantaged backgrounds are falling behind because their families are struggling to put food on the table.

Together we can help

The impact on a hungry child of eating a nutritious breakfast is not only immediate to see, but it can affect that child’s whole path in life.  

Independent research, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and carried out by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, found that Y2 pupils in schools providing a free, nutritious 'magic' breakfast boosted their reading, writing and maths by an average of 2 months’ progress per year, compared to pupils in schools with no such breakfast provision. There is a pressing need to change things over and above what the government are currently providing disadvantaged students.

That's why for every hour of tutoring a parent receives through Beyond the Blackboard Tutors, we will make a donation to Magic Breakfast to the value of 5 free school meals. 


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